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Want to have a look at a simple Scottish country dance
Like the ones we do with new dancer?

Have a look at this.

This is The Kingston Flyer. As you can see from this video from Toronto - it is danced all over the world.

(The dancing looks a bit tidier than usually found at a ceilidh or new dancers' night.  Maybe they practised a bit because it was on video!)

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Existing Dancers
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Welcome to the
Auckland Region
of the New Zealand Branch Inc.

of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

(Saturday October 21 - Royal Oak Ball at Labour Weekend.

There is nothing wrong with your eyesight -
this photo is meant to be blurry - it's artistic!)

Would you like to have a go at Scottish country dancing?

now is a REEEAAALLLY good time!

Lots of sessions for new dancers coming up
in February and March.
Details are being added to our website almost daily
See top left panel for details - and also calendar to the right.

Experienced dancers - are you thinking about
classes for this year

The list is the in Members and Dancers section - Classes


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Easter Weekend in Timaru
Forms available in calendar



The Auckland Region covers Auckland and Northland
from Tuakau, south of Auckland, to Kaitaia in the north

Contact:  0800 69 3262 or
email or

Page last updated 11 February, 2018

Future Events


Thursday - 22

Milford Club Beginners Class

Saturday - 24

Dance Devisers Group

Thursday - 29

Milford Club Beginners Class

Milford Club Tartan Night

Friday - 30

Timaru Easter Weekend School

Saturday - 31

Timaru Easter Weekend School

April 2018

Monday - 2

Timaru Easter Weekend School

Thursday - 5

Milford Club Beginners Class

Saturday - 7

Region Opening Social

Tuesday - 10

New Dancers' Tartan Night and Social at Innes Club (Ellerslie/Mt Wellington)

Thursday - 12

Milford Club Beginners Class

Saturday - 14

Beginners Day Class

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