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The Howick Club has a new email address  Can you please amend your Region Directories with this change?

Highland Park Club - email for secretary is now

Howick and Bay of Islands Clubs - both have some great photos on Facebook

Corrections for the Region Directory

No Simply Social in August as shown in Region Directory and Reel News

Corrected email address:

Brian and Lorna English's current email address:

Incorrect address given for:

Doris Thorn (Tuesday Group) - contact if you need Doris' address.


School holiday dates - are for 2016 rather than 2017. For the rest of this year it means the dates are one day 'out'


Minutes of the most recent Region Committee meeting
These have been sent by email to clubs and the mailing list. 
Hard copies are no longer automatically being sent to clubs. 
Any member of the region can request to be on the email mailing list if they wish. 
Any queries about this or any requests to be on the mailing list, please contact Region Secretary.