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Region Policies and Guidelines


Notes on hierarchy of “rules and guidelines”

This can be thought of as layers (tiers), or a hierarchy pyramid, the top-most layers have the highest level of authority.
The Auckland Region policy and rules documents are three tiers of the pyramid.

  1. Region constitution
    All members and groups involved in activities or actions in the name of the Auckland
    Region (including the Region Committee and subcommittees) must comply with the
    constitution. It can only be changed with the approval of a super-majority of
    members at an AGM or SGM.
  2. Region policies
    The scope of each policy is defined in the policy. Policies are about “must do” items.
    They only come into force when approved by the Region Committee and, once
    approved, can only be revoked or amended by the Region Committee or a general
    meeting of members. All members affected by a policy must comply with it, or ask
    the Region Committee for relief.
  3. Region guidelines
    Guidelines capture common, repeated practices to retain institutional knowledge,
    ease transitions and aid consistency between one year and the next. While
    guidelines are not binding, they provide useful guidance for the next person to take
    on a role on behalf of the Region.
    Guidelines should be managed and updated as required by those using them. New
    guidelines and updates to existing guidelines should be submitted to the
    Administration & Finance subcommittee for safe storage.

 For more information on applying Policies and Guidelines we recommend reading the Rules hierarchy available under Auckland Region Guidelines.


Auckland Region Constitution

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