RSCDS / NZ Branch

Three Pillars of Support

for You and Your Club




Who joins the RSCDS/ NZ Branch?

Every dancer is encouraged to join, as all dancers benefit from the work of these organisations.

What do I get for joining the RSCDS/NZ Branch?

There are direct benefits such as:  a dance book, newsletters, region and club directories, ability to attend classes and courses, weekend schools, reduced rate at Region functions, visits to New Zealand by examiners and people such as Muriel Johnstone


the direct and indirect support provided to clubs and to dancing as a whole.

How does the RSCDS / NZ Branch support my club?

Without RSCDS and NZ Branch, your club would not be able to provide your weekly dancing as at present.

The RSCDS provides music, dances, teacher support and infrastructure that also enables others to distribute music and dances.  Without the Society it would be hard to find dances to dance and music to dance to.

Your club would dance in isolation, without the Auckland Region, N Z Branch and RSCDS and the network that these groups provide.  Your club would not be able to hold tartan nights or a club dance.  Whilst you may not attend classes and Region or Branch events, others in your club may and they come back to club with new ideas and dances.

Through the Branch and the Region, clubs are kept up to date with news and other information.  The Branch also provides insurance cover for clubs for accidental damage to venues.




This information comes from a leaflet compiled by several members of the Auckland Region Committee in order to provide information to dancers about the RSCDS,  NZ Branch and Auckland Region.  Any opinions that have been expressed in this process are not necessarily those of the RSCDS,  NZ Branch or Auckland Region.

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