What is Scottish Country Dancing?

What is Scottish country dancing?
The People's Dancing of Scotland Social dancing suitable for all ages

Scottish country dancing has spread around the world from Scotland.  It is danced in groups of 6 or 8 people. It differs from highland dancing, which is for individuals.

Who dances?
Children and teens love it! 
Working adults love it! 
Seniors love it!
Interesting people from all walks of life
People with a wide range of dancing ability
enjoy Scottish country dancing

 Why do they dance?
Fun!           Fitness!       Friendship!
Great toe-tapping music    Enjoyable physical exercise
Keeps the mind alert     No partner needed
No special clothes needed - just a pair of soft shoes
But mostly because they love it!
There is an initial learning curve.
Classes and tuition are available for dancers of all levels from beginner to experienced.

  The dances can be danced in long sets (with dancers in parallel lines opposite each other), square sets or in sets around the room.
A country dance has a number of formations which are arranged in different sequences for each dance.  Most dances are progressive, which means that the sequence is danced and the dancer finishes in a different place in the set and then repeats the dance from the new position.

  Come and join us! Many clubs in Auckland and Northland! 
There's bound to be a club near you!

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